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Tosca Reno’s Eat-Clean Diet® Workout Journal

The Eat-Clean Diet Workout Journal is the perfect companion to your workout routine. This easy-to-use book is filled with daily journal pages, providing space for reps, sets, weights and exercises as well as cardio notes. Pair these pages with motivational tips, inspirational quotes, great photos and goal-setting sheets, and you’re guaranteed to be in your best shape ever! Journaling increases success by as much as 50 percent.


  • A page journal for every day to record your workouts.
  • Daily inspiration and tips to help you stay focused.
  • A place to record your sets and reps.
  • A place for notes because every day you train is unique to you.
  • Images to show the muscle groups you will be training.
  • A place to record personal data and goals.
  • Inspirational images of popular athletes to help you envision your new self.
  • A practical book to help you record your progress – you are 50% more likely to succeed if you write it down


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